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Life Coaching
Esthetics Services, & Permanent Jewelry 
in Colorado Springs

Your questions Answered

Whom do I serve?  I work with women who are committed to experiencing self-care.


Why only women?  Research shows that women tend to put themselves last because they are typically the caregivers.  At Wellness Matters, women are cared for, are heard, and are valued.

What is a transformational coach?  I help you to break through an internal barrier (maybe a few of them) that is keeping you from the success or joy or confidence that you are on the planet to experience.

Why do I need professional skincare?  The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it serves many purposes.  As a licensed esthetician, I can assess the quality of your skin and can help you achieve more beautiful and healthy skin that you can show off without makeup.  We learn how to care for our teeth when we're little, but we don't learn how to treat our skin well.  I can teach you that.  I can help you with the right kinds of products for your skin type, skin conditions, and skin concerns.  I can also remove unwanted hair safely, design your brows naturally, and give you a long-lasting curl to your lashes.

What is permanent jewelry?  Simply put, it's jewelry that doesn't have a clasp.  Once I put the bracelet, anklet, or necklace on you, it will remain on until it's cut off or broken.  

Why have permanent jewelry?  It simplifies your getting-ready routine so that you can say goodbye to fumbling with clasps and to forgetting to put your jewelry on.  It completes your look before you even get started.

How do I know which body care service is right?  Let's chat about your goals.  How do you want to feel?  What do you want to achieve?  Lymphatic drainage massage will help to support your immune system and can help sculpt your shape.  Stretching releases connective tissue for greater mobility. Therapeutic massage combines a variety of techniques.  Sound therapy relaxes you to the bone.  Reflexology works body parts indirectly and engages the relaxation response.

About the Studio
& Your Therapist

Wellness Matters has been a work of the heart for many years.  Its evolution has been purposeful and intentional in order to bring you the latest advances in skin and body care while honoring traditional modalities that have proven effective from the skin on in.  You are, after all, a marvelous array of cells.

Sharon has been in the wellness industry for over thirty years.  While she was still teaching French in the public school system, she attended massage therapy school because she wanted to bring that same level of relaxation to others.  Over the years, she added to her toolbox by studying sports medicine (intrigued by sports psychology and delving into strategies that inspired the relaxation response), reflexology, aromatherapy, skin care, light therapy, sound therapy, wellness coaching, yoga, and meditation.  The addition and refinement of skills has been a fun and heartfelt endeavor for her, and Sharon looks forward to guiding you on your path to better wellness and punctuating your self-actualization with customized permanent jewelry.

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By appointment only

Mon - Thurs: 10am-6 pm

 ​​Saturday: 10am - 3pm ​

Friday and Sunday: closed


2155 Academy Blvd. N.

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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