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What you put on your skin should have a positive effect on it.  You can choose from a slew of products at the supermarket or the department store or the myriad people who might have their home business.  So what's special at Wellness Matters?  Frankly, I have done and continue to do research to provide my clients excellent products that are effective.  After receiving your skincare services, why use products at home that put you on a different skin wellness path?  Éminence Organic Skincare products contain over 90% active ingredients instead of the industry average of 24%.  You aren't paying for fillers.  Because the products are so concentrated, they last longer than typical.

Catching zzzz Without the Wrinkles

We've all done it -- gone to bed and awakened with extra wrinkles on our faces.  The passage of time and our facial expressions add enough lines.  Who needs them from sleeping.  With the enVy pillow, you can kiss those compression lines goodbye.  Really!  You can see those lines disappear in short order once you stop reinforcing them.   This pillow is also great for those who want to save their lash extensions or their lash lift.

Skincare Continues

Skincare isn't only important on the outside; it begins on the inside.  That is why Osmosis Holistic Skincare products are my supplemental choice for you.  Based here in Colorado, Osmosis is the creation of Dr. Ben Johnson.  He believes, as I do, that we need the right nutrients to feed the skin and that the skin services and products should support the skin rather than to harm it.  I learned about this line when I certified in oncology skincare.  You'll find that their makeup line is excellent.

Something different for you are the harmonized waters.  Dr. Johnson has patented a way to add specific frequencies to water in order to bring balance to your systems.

The Eyes Have It

If you have short or fragile lashes, Xtreme Lashes provides a serum called Amplifeye.  Once you have used this product for a full lash cycle (6-12 weeks), you should find your lashes longer and stronger.  Now you can get a lash lift (or extensions if that's your choice).  The best mascara to use after your lash lift is Elleevate because it contains ingredients that support your lashes and won't cause your lovely, newly curled lashes to fall.  Say hello to lash health with Amplifeye and Elleevate.


Oh, My Poor Feet

Several years ago, I discovered Oofos sandals, and my feet fell in love with them. Having them on is like walking on marshmallows.  So nice and comfy are they that we use them as our spa sandals. Because a few clients have wanted to purchase them right away, I now keep a limited quantity in stock for you.

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