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Lash lifting is trending now.  As an Ellebana Certified Trainer, I teach you the lash lifting skills that you need to give your clients beautiful natural lashes.

Are you a new client?

If you are a new client at Wellness Matters, your first step is to complete the client waiver and intake form by clicking here.


Massage therapy, Rossiter techniques, and Reflexology release negative musculoskeletal imprints on your body.  

Do you know that the body has a connection to the mind?  If your body feels bad, you have aches and pains, or you hold tension in your muscles, your mind is distracted, and you aren't at your best.  When you choose bodywork at Wellness Matters, you will feel less stressed and will move better.

Micro-current body sculpting

Micro-current body sculpting can bring you confidence.  Do you have a little giggle or overflow where you don't want it?  With our body toning protocol, you can lose inches and gain tone.  This is perfect to top off the weight loss program that you've been on or to launch the one that you are about to start or just to make those pants look better on you tonight.

Energy balancing

Have you ever heard that we humans are energetic beings?  Have you ever walked across a room and shocked someone with your touch or been shocked by their touching you?  That's the simplest example of the energy flowing through us.  Without the impulses in our bodies, nerves wouldn't communicate, and we would cease to function.  

If your energy centers are overloaded or are depleted, you are either scattered and unfocused or are sluggish and dull.  Light frequencies, sound frequencies, and working with subtle energy fields can bring you into balance.

Yoga therapy

Yeah, I'm not that flexible either.  Yoga in my space is about so much more than exercise.  I teach and encourage you to take your yoga off the mat through meditation, breath work, and a therapeutic approach to asana. Call for a consultation.  (719) 351-4837

Sugaring Colorado Springs

Sometimes you just want to rip your hair out, right?  Well, there are safe and proper ways to remove unwanted hair, and I can do that for you.  I use a sanitary and effective process called sugaring that is far less painful than waxing, is good for the skin, and can lead to hairlessness.  Sugaring is appropriate for all skin types and hues.

Skin care Colorado Springs
Eminence organic skincare

Do you know that the condition of your skin gives others a hint of your state of wellness?  Although I never diagnose, the protocols that I use in your facial sessions are informed by what I see when I look at your skin and by what I feel when I touch it.

Depending upon your skin care goals, we can select from among simpler to more complex applications.


You can get poor quality products anywhere and can pay more for them per year than you pay for a premium professional product at Wellness Matters.   It is important to make exceptional products available to my clients because what you put on your body gets into your body and can affect your health.

Call the studio to place special orders for Éminence Organic Skincare or for Nelly DeVuyst Skincare items.

Wellness Coaching Colorado Springs

Have you been struggling with wellness issues for years?  Sometimes you need a little help to reset yourself.  That's where wellness coaching comes in.  Making an investment in yourself can have a huge payoff for you for years to come.