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Aromatherapy Oil


Services offered at Wellness Matters have been curated with you in mind.  You can go anywhere in town and receive services, but in this studio, not only do you get the treatment that you need, you get the treatment that you deserve.  Every service is personalized.  Sharon views every client as special, and she takes care enough to investigate companies thoroughly to ensure that the very best of products, technologies, and methods are available for her clients.


body rolling

Body rolling is a technique that unwinds connective tissue, calms muscle tension, improves circulation, and more.  One of the many benefits is its impact on posture. 


body contouring

Microcurrent body sculpting can help tonify muscles, increase strength, decrease the size of fat cells.  In this age of body consciousness, people want to eliminate fat cells.  That's ill-advised for physiological reasons.  Shrinking the cells is a better option.


Reflexology is an ancient practice that many people think is applied only to the feet.  In fact, it can be done on the feet, the hands, the ears, and the face.



Rossiter is an intense method for unwinding fascia to erase pain.  Although it is not for the faint of heart or those with osteoporosis, it is highly effective.  

cupping back.jpg


You might recognize cupping from the Olympics.  Do you remember Michael Phelps sporting what looked like symmetrical bruises on his back?  Those weren't bruises, they were cupping marks.  Cupping brings a surge of blood to an area to promote the body's healing response. Depending on the technique, other benefits can be derived.


light therapy

We are energetic beings whose cells vibrate at particular frequencies.  When we are out of balance, that sets the stage for various issues.  Light therapy introduces programmed frequencies to the body to help restore balance.

sound therapy

Sound therapy provides a penetrating sense of calm.  Clients have proclaimed it more relaxing than massage.  Think of it as the sound waves massaging your cells because those waves pass through to bone.

Wellness Coaching.jpg
wellness coaching

Wellness coaching involves helping the client to discover and reach her wellness goals.  Sometimes we need an objective individual who is trained to help us to overcome resistance and make it to where we want to be.



Our moms teach us how to care for our teeth, but skin care is often sketchy.  Genetics and habits play a part in how we look through the ages.  Let's analyze your skin and get you using excellent products that are good for your skin type and conditions.


Eyebrows provide a frame for the face.  It can be beautiful.  Sometimes the day's fads are bad for the brows.  Let's bring out the best in your brows so that they give you the best frame.


This isn't a sugar scrub.  No, it's hair removal.  Sugaring is gender than waxing and has some benefits for the skin, also.  You can be sugared from the face to the toes.  Just make sure that you aren't using skin-sensitizing medications or products.  Two weeks' of hair growth is good when you come in.

Lash lift

A lash lift can do wonders to make you look more alert or more youthful or to make your eye color pop (because I tint the lashes, too).

This application can last from 6-12 weeks, depending on how fast your lashes grow.  It's a great alternative to lash extensions and even works on short lashes.



When you choose to book your care services at Wellness Matters,

you can expect attentive and supportive care provided in a disinfected, relaxing environment.  You should know that most services are transformational and that long-standing change happens with consistency over time.

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