The spa & Your therapist

Wellness Matters has been a work of the heart for many years.  Its evolution has been purposeful and intentional in order to bring you the latest advances in skin and body care while honoring traditional modalities that have proven effective from the skin on in.  You are, after all, a marvelous blend of mind, body, spirit.

Sharon has been in the wellness industry for over thirty years.  While she was still teaching French in the public school system, she attended massage therapy school because she wanted to bring that same level of relaxation to others.  Over the years, she added to her toolbox by studying sports medicine (intrigued by sports psychology and delving into strategies that inspired the relaxation response), reflexology, aromatherapy, skin care, light therapy, sound therapy, wellness coaching, yoga, and meditation.  The addition and refinement of skills has been a fun and heartfelt endeavor for her, and Sharon looks forward to guiding you on your path to better wellness.

the health

spa experience

Wellness Matters is your personal health spa.  You can enjoy one or more services in a restful and positive studio.

greeting area

If you schedule the time either before or after your service or class, you can spend some time in the salt booth where you will derive the benefits from the Himalayan salt blocks and rocks that provide 83 minerals and negative ionization as you destress.

treatment room

Enjoy your customized skin or body care services in a calm and supportive environment that eases the senses and provides balance.

Yoga & Meditation room

While some studios pack 'em and stack 'em, I believe in a more personalized experience.  Yoga is therapeutic, and you are the only student.  Meditation is integrated into your session or a small meditation class is offered.


You can rest assured that the same care taken to select the right modalities for you has extended to all of the retail lines offered.  What you use on your face and body matters and supports your wellness.